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Turnkey web sites:  web site design & development, technical support, e-mail accounts, copyright, affordable small business web sites, update existing web sites, search engine optimization


Owning a successful website:

  1. Design, organize & develop your web site to target your potential customers and optimize your web site for top ranking with search engine results

  2. Web sites must provide enough content for the web bots or web crawlers to consider the site for ranking as a relevant web site.

  3. A web site should be managed and updated on an ongoing basis. If you neglect to update YOUR SITE for 5 years, the web site will be considered a dead site and will be dropped out of ranking position by all the search engines and directories.

  4. There are billions of pages on the internet. Visibility is key.

  5. Users need to find YOUR SITE when searching for the products or services that your business offers. Because users may not be familiar with the name of your business, they will use search engines to try to find a business using keywords.  Users will consult the web sites listed by the search engine results that correspond and select the business that corresponds to their needs.  If your business does not appear in the search engine results, there are 0% chances that you will get the business

Important statistics:

ØOf the users who retrieve information from the web, research has shown that people rarely go beyond the top 30 results listed from a search. In fact, the top 30 results get over 90% of search traffic. 

Ø81% of people using search engines find the information, product service they need every time.

Ø87% of consumers select a business from the first 20 businesses listed in the search engine results.  



Web site & design services



Planning a web site in order to support company objectives and to meet specific needs


A domaine name is necessary in order to publish a web site on the internet. A domaine name is your internet address. It can be registerred as .com, .net, .org, or .ca.


Open up as many e-mail accounts as you need using your domain name in the e-mail address. There are various options available in setting up e-mail accounts: autoresponders, e-mail forwarding, webmail, notice of confidentiality


Organize the structure of your web site, then, the pages that need to be set up will be based on the information you want to provide your potential customers.

A web site can be as simple as a single page or more complex with multiple pages.

Update a current web site, upgrade, change or add a few pages to an existing web site.


The content of a web site can be copyrighted with the Copyright Board of Canada.


A web site need to be designed so that browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others can see and show pages according to the design of the web site.


Because there are billions of pages on the inernet, visibility is key. Users need to find YOU when searching for the products or services that you offer.

Whethe searching with Google, Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, AOL or any other search engine, you will want your business to be listed in the top results of a search.


Servicing provided to ensure proper full functionality of your web site prior to publishing, links, pages, publication of the web site on the internet, and archiving the web site on a CD or DVD.


Web site submission to major search engine to anounce the new web site


Web hosting services are based on business needs and on the size and content of a web site. Services vary in terms/conditions and in price.




website services,design,search engine results,Laval,Montreal,services for small business,turnkey website,update websites